Sunningdale Children’s Centre

Dec 15, 2013

Completion: Dec 2013 (on schedule)
Architect: OSA Architects. / Hume City Council
References: David Rhoderick – Hume City Council – PH (03) 9205-2420
Pasquale Di lorio – General Manager – (OSA) currently K20 Architecture Ph (03) 9699-4440

The works to be executed under this Contract comprises the extension and refurbishment of the Sunningdale childcare building to create new playroom spaces.

A new Pre-School classroom was added along with a new teachers/ staff facility to the front of the building. New office and foyer,. Childcare rooms 1-4 were refurbished.

This project was completed in stages to allow the continued use of the facility while building works were completed resulting in no down time for the centre.