St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Sep 25, 2010

Contract Price: $3,210,858.00 (on budget)
Completion: September 2010 (on schedule)
Architect: Genem Architects PH (03) 9859 1359
Reference: Tony Falls (T) 03 5429 1359

J.R. & B.L. Kendall Pty Ltd has also completed a refurbishment of the main school building at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School as well as the construction of a new school hall including canteen, amenities, civil works, fire service and carpark. The project started in June 2009 and had a duration of 15 months.

The new hall project consisted of a new GPLA , art/ technology, student toilets, multipurpose hall, library extension and upgrade and the demolition of an existing old school building.

This project was in progress while the school was operational & J.R. & B.L. Kendall Pty Ltd worked with the school representatives to ensure that the project ran as smoothly as possible for the school and the construction team.