Lilydale Adventist Academy New Library

Feb 15, 2006

Completion Date: February 2006
Consultants: Genem Architects
References: Genem Architects Ph: (03) 9859-1383

Project Brief

Construction of a new Library to be bright, spacious and designed to blend in with existing buildings on the Academy grounds. The new building was to be attached to existing structures creating an Internal courtyard for an outside learning environment. Contract price to include provision for full heating and cooling requirements.

The New building included reading areas, Office, library check out desk, Student area, Lecture theatre with audio equipment, Computer resource area and large spaces to display the Academies library reading and learning material. Storage and display equipment for reading material was to be made up of a mix of inbuilt custom designed cupboards and the schools own racking system.

The building was constructed using red brick cladding with a grey tile roof to match existing buildings surrounding the new library giving the impression the building had always been a part of the school facilities. Internally however reveals a spacious modern structure with an elevated raked ceiling capturing light through several dorma windows which create a pattern of interesting angles, shades and shapes displayed across the ceiling. This large area has the potential to be used by the school as they wish either by becoming one large assembly area or broken up into various intimate learning spaces that can be used by several classes at once.

The lecture theatre was designed and constructed using acoustic absorbing methods and materials to ensure it’s use would not disturb classes using the open space area.